Total distance: 39,979.57 km Number of activities: 2512x
Total duration: 151d 06:34:08 First activity: 15.04.2007
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Temp.TypeDistanceDurationPaceavg. HRElev.EnergyRouteTRIMPVO2maxVO2maxEquipmentTE
08.10. Mon19 °CRL10,1 km1:00:376:00/km111 bpm8 m492 kcalErfelden/Modellfl...7156.31Mizuno Wave Precision 13w blue2.7
09.10. Tue
10.10. Wed
11.10. Thu19 °CRL11,7 km1:07:395:46/km112 bpm479 kcalErfelden4458.43Mizuno Wave Rider 212.3
12.10. Fri
13.10. Sat26 °CDL13,5 km1:16:335:40/km116 bpm46 m600 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden5957.61Asics Noosa TRI 102.5
14.10. Sun26 °CDL16,0 km1:30:415:39/km112 bpm64 m670 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden6160.18Asics Cumulus 172.7
4x Laufen23 °C51,4 km4:55:305:45/km113 bpm118 m2241 kcal23558.32

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