Total distance: 39,979.57 km Number of activities: 2512x
Total duration: 151d 06:34:08 First activity: 15.04.2007
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Temp.TypeDistanceDurationPaceavg. HRElev.EnergyRouteTRIMPVO2maxVO2maxEquipmentTE
01.01. Wed8 °CTDL16,3 km1:17:284:45/km149 bpm13 m1015 kcalKühkopf17351.40Mizuno Wave Precision 13 yellow
02.01. Thu8 °CDL16,0 km1:22:035:07/km132 bpm18 m857 kcalKühkopf12155.82Mizuno Wave Ultima 2
03.01. Fri0 °CIT10.000m1:00:006:00/km600 kcalLudwigshafen Trai...137Brooks Racer ST5
04.01. Sat0 °CRL16,4 km1:30:595:32/km125 bpm14 m846 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden11254.19Brooks Ghost 5
05.01. Sun7 °CLL31,0 km2:39:165:08/km128 bpm20 m1340 kcalGG-Nordwald/Mönch...21257.77Asics DS Trainer 17a
06.01. Mon
07.01. Tue0 °CDL16,4 km1:20:514:56/km135 bpm10 m907 kcalLeeheim/Wolfskehl...12856.37Mizuno Wave Rider 13a
08.01. Wed10 °CDL16,1 km1:22:435:08/km126 bpm9 m839 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...10458.74Brooks Ghost 5
09.01. Thu
10.01. Fri0 °CDL16,4 km1:23:535:07/km126 bpm15 m876 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...10659.31Mizuno Wave Precision 13 yellow
11.01. Sat0 °CTDL12,5 km58:514:42/km4 m740 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden106Mizuno Wave Ultima 2
12.01. Sun4 °CLL25,1 km2:03:034:54/km134 bpm20 m1279 kcalKühkopf/Königsins...19057.56Asics DS Trainer 17a
13.01. Mon
14.01. Tue6 °CDL15,4 km1:15:054:53/km138 bpm15 m863 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...12855.66Asics Cumulus 15
15.01. Wed
16.01. Thu8 °CDL15,4 km1:16:074:58/km134 bpm9 m899 kcalLeeheim/Erfelden11856.50Asics DS Trainer 17b
17.01. Fri7 °CDL13,2 km1:05:214:58/km130 bpm14 m708 kcalKühkopf9159.13Asics Cumulus 15
18.01. Sat6 °CRL7,1 km41:115:47/km117 bpm8 m361 kcalKandel/Erfelden4155.44Asics DS Trainer 17b
19.01. Sun6 °CWK42,2 km3:08:454:28/km154 bpm65 m2588 kcalPulheim Marathon47352.56Asics DS Trainer 17b
20.01. Mon4 °CRL12,4 km1:06:075:19/km128 bpm10 m668 kcalKühkopf8855.29Asics Cumulus 15
21.01. Tue
22.01. Wed5 °CTDL16,0 km1:20:145:01/km142 bpm87 m892 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden15151.61Brooks Ghost 5
23.01. Thu
24.01. Fri4 °CRL13,0 km1:13:205:38/km116 bpm5 m535 kcalErfelden7157.75Mizuno Wave Precision 13 yellow
25.01. Sat4 °CWK9,0 km37:294:10/km163 bpm48 m388 kcalGrünstadt Cross11552.68Asics DS Trainer 17b
4 °CWA3,2 km21:086:31/km118 bpm16 m181 kcalGrünstadt/Stadion2247.55Asics DS Trainer 17b
26.01. Sun5 °CLL27,1 km2:21:305:14/km133 bpm15 m1301 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden/...21453.59Asics Cumulus 15
27.01. Mon
28.01. Tue5 °CDL14,1 km1:12:255:08/km132 bpm10 m759 kcalStockstadt/Kühkop...10755.48Mizuno Wave Rider 13 silver
29.01. Wed2 °CTDL14,6 km1:10:184:48/km142 bpm10 m834 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...13354.43Asics Cumulus 15
30.01. Thu1 °CDL15,0 km1:20:455:22/km121 bpm10 m711 kcalKnoblochsaue/Erfe...8958.38Mizuno Wave Rider 13 silver
31.01. Fri0 °CIT10.700m1:06:486:15/km126 bpm592 kcalLudwigshafen Trai...8446.04Brooks Racer ST5
01.02. Sat0 °CRL11,0 km1:03:515:48/km116 bpm10 m550 kcalKühkopf6156.00Mizuno Wave Ultima 2
02.02. Sun7 °CLL34,0 km3:18:245:50/km113 bpm180 m1297 kcalGrünstadt/Asselhe...17657.51Asics Cumulus 15
03.02. Mon
04.02. Tue3 °CTDL16,7 km1:20:344:50/km144 bpm10 m912 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden15953.01Brooks Ghost 5
05.02. Wed4 °CDL13,0 km1:06:395:07/km130 bpm28 m650 kcalStockstadt/Kühkopf9356.66Asics Cumulus 15
06.02. Thu9 °CDL13,1 km1:10:155:23/km120 bpm10 m655 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...7558.95Asics Noosa Tri 7
07.02. Fri0 °CIT10.800m1:01:025:39/km600 kcalLudwigshafen Trai...139Brooks Racer ST5
08.02. Sat5 °CDL14,0 km1:12:275:10/km133 bpm16 m800 kcalKnoblochsaue/Erfe...10954.28Brooks Ghost 5
09.02. Sun7 °CWK20,0 km1:24:034:12/km157 bpm27 m1229 kcalRheinzabern 20km22555.25Asics DS Trainer 17b
10.02. Mon
11.02. Tue5 °CDL18,4 km1:30:084:53/km139 bpm6 m1087 kcalGoddelau/Wolfskeh...15854.69Asics Cumulus 15
12.02. Wed5 °CIT12,4 km1:00:394:53/km138 bpm10 m540 kcalKühkopf10455.54Mizuno Wave Precision 13 yellow
13.02. Thu5 °CRL13,0 km1:15:395:49/km115 bpm15 m563 kcalGoddelau/Stocksta...7156.21Brooks Ghost 5
14.02. Fri4 °CRL11,3 km1:05:205:46/km113 bpm10 m512 kcalKnoblochsaue/Erfe...5857.91Mizuno Wave Ultima 2
15.02. Sat
16.02. Sun9 °CWK21,1 km1:28:534:13/km154 bpm20 m1140 kcalMörfelden Halbmar...22356.90Asics DS Trainer 17b
9 °CWA6,4 km38:186:00/km114 bpm37 m334 kcalMörfelden3554.79Asics DS Trainer 17b
17.02. Mon
18.02. Tue7 °CDL16,1 km1:20:205:00/km130 bpm88 m703 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden11258.67Mizuno Wave Precision 13 yellow
19.02. Wed
20.02. Thu11 °CDL12,0 km1:02:515:14/km119 bpm8 m567 kcalLeeheim/Erfelden6661.51Brooks Racer ST5
21.02. Fri6 °CLL21,2 km1:53:375:21/km119 bpm12 m952 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...11959.97Asics Cumulus 15
22.02. Sat8 °CRL11,1 km1:01:395:33/km115 bpm20 m473 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...5859.80Brooks Ghost 5
23.02. Sun8 °CWA4,0 km23:175:48/km118 bpm8 m266 kcalOggersheim2454.87Brooks Racer ST5
10 °CWK21,1 km1:30:134:17/km153 bpm40 m1195 kcalOggersheim Halbma...22156.20Brooks Racer ST5
10 °CWA5,0 km29:405:55/km117 bpm8 m263 kcalOggersheim2953.83Brooks Racer ST5
24.02. Mon8 °CDL12,3 km1:05:375:19/km118 bpm16 m555 kcalModellflugplatz/B...6760.86Mizuno Wave Ultima 2
25.02. Tue11 °CDL18,3 km1:35:255:12/km130 bpm10 m813 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden13355.63Asics Cumulus 15
26.02. Wed
27.02. Thu11 °CRL11,0 km1:02:325:40/km109 bpm13 m415 kcalKnoblochsaue/Erfe...4961.52Mizuno Wave Precision 11
28.02. Fri
01.03. Sat
02.03. Sun
03.03. Mon
04.03. Tue
05.03. Wed
06.03. Thu
07.03. Fri
08.03. Sat
09.03. Sun
10.03. Mon
11.03. Tue
12.03. Wed
13.03. Thu
14.03. Fri
15.03. Sat
16.03. Sun16 °CDL16,3 km1:20:544:58/km139 bpm10 m967 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden14254.05Hoka Stinson Tarmac
17.03. Mon
18.03. Tue10 °CDL11,3 km1:00:175:22/km126 bpm10 m896 kcalNeujahrsloch/Erfe...7655.69Brooks Ghost 5
19.03. Wed
20.03. Thu
21.03. Fri
22.03. Sat
23.03. Sun11 °CWK42,2 km3:14:414:37/km154 bpm94 m2726 kcalRom Marathon48750.67Asics DS Trainer 17b
24.03. Mon
25.03. Tue
26.03. Wed
27.03. Thu11 °CDL10,1 km51:215:05/km132 bpm13 m530 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...7656.08Asics DS Trainer 19
28.03. Fri
29.03. Sat
30.03. Sun21 °CWK42,2 km3:18:584:43/km154 bpm500 m2628 kcalWeinstraße Marathon49849.71Asics DS Trainer 17b
31.03. Mon
01.04. Tue19 °CDL12,1 km1:00:585:02/km137 bpm10 m661 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden10253.98Mizuno Wave Precision 13 yellow
02.04. Wed
03.04. Thu20 °CDL12,7 km1:01:424:51/km135 bpm18 m704 kcalKnoblochsaue/Erfe...9857.54Asics DS Trainer 19
04.04. Fri18 °CRL13,1 km1:14:095:41/km113 bpm13 m618 kcalMönchbruch/Mörfel...6659.28Brooks Ghost 5
05.04. Sat
06.04. Sun20 °CLL25,2 km2:04:314:56/km137 bpm22 m1403 kcalKühkopf/Königsinsel20855.34Hoka Stinson Tarmac
07.04. Mon
08.04. Tue13 °CTDL13,0 km1:02:574:50/km140 bpm8 m700 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden11355.15Asics DS Trainer 19
09.04. Wed14 °CDL13,2 km1:05:524:59/km133 bpm24 m760 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...9956.87Mizuno Wave Precision 13 yellow
10.04. Thu
11.04. Fri18 °CDL12,2 km1:01:565:06/km124 bpm20 m633 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...7460.46Asics DS Trainer 17b
12.04. Sat
13.04. Sun17 °CWK42,2 km3:06:424:25/km156 bpm60 m2741 kcalLeipzig Marathon48952.39Mizuno Wave Precision 13 yellow
14.04. Mon
15.04. Tue12 °CDL17,1 km1:27:585:09/km133 bpm19 m876 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden/...13354.45Hoka Stinson Tarmac
16.04. Wed13 °CDL16,4 km1:20:034:53/km140 bpm10 m931 kcalKühkopf14454.47Asics Cumulus 15
17.04. Thu13 °CRL11,1 km1:02:515:39/km117 bpm37 m524 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...6257.22Hoka Stinson Tarmac
18.04. Fri13 °CLL20,4 km1:45:135:10/km123 bpm22 m872 kcalKühkopf12360.25Hoka Stinson Tarmac
19.04. Sat16 °CDL13,2 km1:06:285:02/km134 bpm10 m812 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden10355.70Brooks Ghost 5
20.04. Sun20 °CDL16,3 km1:20:304:56/km135 bpm10 m877 kcalKühkopf12856.54Asics DS Trainer 17b
21.04. Mon19 °CIT12,3 km1:00:084:54/km136 bpm10 m615 kcalKühkopf9856.46Asics DS Trainer 19
22.04. Tue
23.04. Wed
24.04. Thu25 °CDL11,1 km57:085:10/km131 bpm12 m545 kcalNeujahrsloch/TV H...8255.34Asics DS Trainer 17b
25.04. Fri19 °CRL12,4 km1:10:135:39/km112 bpm10 m517 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...6060.14Mizuno Wave Precision 13 yellow
26.04. Sat
27.04. Sun13 °CWK42,2 km3:02:584:20/km155 bpm40 m2629 kcalDüsseldorf Marathon46954.27Mizuno Wave Precision 13 yellow
28.04. Mon15 °CRL13,6 km1:16:295:37/km115 bpm20 m601 kcalKühkopf7258.78Mizuno Wave Ultima 2
29.04. Tue17 °CDL11,4 km55:414:53/km134 bpm19 m669 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...8657.77Brooks Racer ST5
30.04. Wed19 °CIT12,7 km1:00:374:46/km143 bpm12 m755 kcalKühkopf11754.63Asics DS Trainer 19
01.05. Thu16 °CRL13,4 km1:15:385:38/km111 bpm20 m530 kcalKühkopf6361.08Brooks Ghost 5
02.05. Fri
03.05. Sat
04.05. Sun9 °CWK42,2 km2:58:114:13/km157 bpm54 m2588 kcalHamburg Marathon47854.81Mizuno Wave Precision 13 yellow
05.05. Mon
06.05. Tue
07.05. Wed17 °CDL12,5 km1:05:065:13/km127 bpm18 m652 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...8457.00Asics Cumulus 15
08.05. Thu
09.05. Fri18 °CDL16,2 km1:22:455:06/km129 bpm73 m856 kcalKühkopf11357.72Brooks Ghost 6
10.05. Sat
11.05. Sun13 °CWK42,2 km3:19:094:43/km142 bpm341 m2352 kcalHeilbronn Marathon37555.94Mizuno Wave Precision 13 yellow
12.05. Mon
13.05. Tue15 °CLL20,6 km1:45:305:08/km141 bpm13 m1255 kcalKühkopf19450.68Asics Cumulus 15
14.05. Wed16 °CIT13,5 km1:06:234:55/km136 bpm12 m619 kcalKühkopf10856.28Brooks Racer ST5
15.05. Thu15 °CRL4,1 km22:395:31/km118 bpm4 m210 kcalKandel/TV Halle2358.02Asics DS Trainer 17b
16.05. Fri19 °CDL13,8 km1:10:425:07/km130 bpm15 m593 kcalMönchbruch9956.92Asics DS Trainer 19
17.05. Sat
18.05. Sun21 °CWK42,2 km3:08:524:29/km158 bpm2684 kcalDarmstadt Knastma...51850.76Mizuno Wave Precision 13 yellow
19.05. Mon
20.05. Tue26 °CDL12,7 km1:01:524:52/km142 bpm10 m731 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...11753.52Hoka Stinson Tarmac
21.05. Wed27 °CDL18,3 km1:35:095:13/km137 bpm10 m1017 kcalModellflugplatz/K...15951.64Brooks Ghost 6
22.05. Thu18 °CDL12,2 km1:00:364:58/km134 bpm11 m686 kcalGoddelau/Spittal/...9456.44Asics DS Trainer 19
23.05. Fri22 °CDL17,3 km1:25:404:57/km135 bpm130 m1004 kcalKoberstädter Wald13656.91Hoka Stinson Tarmac
24.05. Sat19 °CLL27,1 km2:13:464:56/km132 bpm10 m1305 kcalLeeheim/Dornheim/...19758.10Asics Cumulus 15
25.05. Sun23 °CRL16,3 km1:31:085:35/km122 bpm10 m649 kcalKühkopf10355.38Brooks Ghost 6
26.05. Mon
27.05. Tue18 °CIT13,1 km1:03:084:49/km135 bpm12 m705 kcalNeujahrsloch/Erfe...10057.96Brooks Racer ST5
28.05. Wed19 °CRL12,5 km1:06:175:18/km118 bpm90 m553 kcalKoberstädter Wald6761.87Brooks Ghost 6
29.05. Thu17 °CRL14,2 km1:20:225:39/km113 bpm55 m641 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden7159.55Asics DS Trainer 17b
30.05. Fri
31.05. Sat19 °CWK42,2 km3:07:394:27/km153 bpm550 m2630 kcalLuxembourg Marathon45953.93Mizuno Wave Precision 13 yellow
01.06. Sun21 °CDL18,3 km1:30:224:56/km127 bpm21 m903 kcalKühkopf11761.17Hoka Stinson Tarmac
02.06. Mon22 °CDL14,4 km1:10:024:52/km128 bpm15 m690 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...9361.65Mizuno Wave Rider 17
03.06. Tue20 °CRL17,3 km1:31:345:18/km120 bpm18 m771 kcalErfelden/Radar/Le...9859.95Brooks Ghost 6
04.06. Wed18 °CDL14,1 km1:09:194:55/km124 bpm27 m729 kcalMönchbruch/Tierhe...8363.64Mizuno Wave Rider 17
05.06. Thu21 °CLL22,2 km1:54:585:11/km123 bpm151 m1072 kcalKoberstädter Wald13460.40Brooks Ghost 6
06.06. Fri27 °CRL14,5 km1:20:275:33/km110 bpm6 m552 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...6562.56Asics DS Trainer 19
07.06. Sat
08.06. Sun30 °CWK19,6 km1:30:094:36/km154 bpm470 m1325 kcalMelibokuslauf22653.48Asics DS Trainer 17b
09.06. Mon34 °CLL26,4 km2:15:055:07/km130 bpm22 m1173 kcalKühkopf18956.63Hoka Stinson Tarmac
10.06. Tue31 °CIT14,4 km1:10:294:53/km136 bpm13 m725 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden11556.59Brooks Racer ST5
11.06. Wed27 °CLL23,2 km2:11:265:40/km110 bpm35 m881 kcalGG-Nordwald/Mönch...10761.31Brooks Ghost 6
12.06. Thu18 °CRL10,0 km56:355:39/km106 bpm14 m336 kcalKühkopf4163.98Asics DS Trainer 19
13.06. Fri21 °CWA1,6 km10:016:11/km110 bpm7 m79 kcalMichelstadt854.95Brooks Racer ST5
21 °CWK10,0 km40:514:05/km159 bpm80 m612 kcalMichelstadt 10km ...11556.19Brooks Racer ST5
14.06. Sat
15.06. Sun0 °CWA2,1 km12:516:07/km123 bpm6 m85 kcalPhilippsburg1548.58Asics DS Trainer 19
20 °CWK21,1 km1:27:554:10/km159 bpm10 m1298 kcalPhilippsburg Halb...24754.64Asics DS Trainer 19
22 °CWA2,0 km12:056:03/km116 bpm4 m115 kcalPhilippsburg1252.97Asics DS Trainer 19
16.06. Mon18 °CRL13,5 km1:16:465:40/km107 bpm10 m511 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...5762.95Mizuno Wave Ultima 2
17.06. Tue21 °CDL17,3 km1:30:505:15/km117 bpm18 m719 kcalKühkopf9062.59Hoka Stinson Tarmac
18.06. Wed23 °CDL16,2 km1:24:595:15/km115 bpm20 m623 kcalMönchbruch/Walldorf8064.13Brooks Ghost 6
19.06. Thu23 °CDL17,4 km1:30:095:10/km112 bpm16 m669 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden7867.26Brooks Ghost 6
20.06. Fri
21.06. Sat20 °CWK42,2 km3:23:444:50/km142 bpm930 m2174 kcalBiggesee Marathon38455.31Brooks Ghost 6
22.06. Sun24 °CLL24,6 km2:10:205:18/km117 bpm13 m881 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden12961.91Hoka Stinson Tarmac
23.06. Mon20 °CRL11,3 km1:05:365:48/km110 bpm8 m370 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...5359.30Asics DS Trainer 19
24.06. Tue
25.06. Wed21 °CWK10,0 km47:114:43/km157 bpm260 m590 kcalStettbachtal 10km12749.59Brooks Ghost 6
26.06. Thu24 °CRL10,4 km1:00:045:46/km118 bpm9 m339 kcalKühkopf6155.19Brooks Ghost 6
27.06. Fri21 °CRL10,3 km1:00:345:51/km105 bpm21 m341 kcalKühkopf4261.89Asics Cumulus 15
28.06. Sat15 °CRL14,1 km1:21:425:47/km106 bpm10 m495 kcalErfelden/Knobloch...5961.92Mizuno Wave Rider 13a
20 °CWA2,0 km11:325:39/km109 bpm3 m86 kcalAltheim961.72Brooks Racer ST5
20 °CWK21,1 km1:26:534:07/km161 bpm30 m1217 kcalAltheim Halbmarat...25554.73Brooks Racer ST5
20 °CWA2,7 km16:336:08/km110 bpm7 m154 kcalAltheim1355.44Brooks Racer ST5
29.06. Sun19 °CLL30,3 km2:42:095:21/km119 bpm25 m1267 kcalKühkopf17060.02Brooks Ghost 6
21 °CDL15,5 km1:21:225:15/km117 bpm9 m682 kcalKnoblochsaue/Erfe...8162.56Asics Cumulus 15
30.06. Mon20 °CRL10,9 km1:03:245:48/km106 bpm6 m400 kcalKühkopf4661.80Mizuno Wave Rider 13a
01.07. Tue
02.07. Wed25 °CLL24,4 km2:16:575:37/km112 bpm50 m722 kcalMönchbruch/Tierhe...11860.90Asics Cumulus 15
03.07. Thu15 °CRL11,1 km1:02:135:38/km106 bpm13 m410 kcalKühkopf4564.24Hoka Stinson Tarmac
04.07. Fri24 °CWK42,2 km3:34:305:05/km127 bpm35 m1977 kcalMarburg Marathon27858.85Brooks Ghost 6
05.07. Sat21 °CRL13,2 km1:15:275:43/km127 bpm15 m407 kcalKühkopf9850.95Asics DS Trainer 17b
06.07. Sun29 °CRL13,3 km1:15:335:40/km103 bpm15 m431 kcalKühkopf5065.78Hoka Stinson Tarmac
07.07. Mon
08.07. Tue
09.07. Wed14 °CRL10,4 km1:01:415:55/km101 bpm46 m334 kcalKühkopf3863.68Mizuno Wave Precision 13 yellow
10.07. Thu
11.07. Fri
12.07. Sat22 °CWK185,3 km1d 00:00:007:46/km118 bpm5 m12932 kcalBerlin 24 Stunden146538.06Brooks Ghost 6
13.07. Sun
14.07. Mon
15.07. Tue24 °CRL11,3 km1:07:135:57/km117 bpm42 m561 kcalKühkopf6753.78Hoka Stinson Tarmac
16.07. Wed
17.07. Thu29 °CDL12,3 km1:05:435:20/km124 bpm10 m638 kcalErfelden/Bensheim...7957.10Hoka Stinson Tarmac
18.07. Fri
19.07. Sat34 °CDL18,1 km1:30:114:59/km142 bpm14 m1161 kcalKühkopf17051.97Brooks Launch
20.07. Sun27 °CLL30,3 km2:41:365:20/km123 bpm101 m1346 kcalKühkopf18857.94Brooks Launch
21.07. Mon
22.07. Tue29 °CDL18,2 km1:35:485:16/km125 bpm15 m932 kcalKühkopf11857.58Asics Cumulus 15
23.07. Wed28 °CDL14,2 km1:15:415:21/km119 bpm10 m691 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...7959.99Mizuno Wave Rider 13a
24.07. Thu
25.07. Fri24 °CBH16,1 km1:31:485:43/km126 bpm365 m833 kcalMelibokus11653.86Brooks Launch
26.07. Sat28 °CRL15,1 km1:25:175:38/km112 bpm17 m579 kcalKühkopf7360.29Asics DS Trainer 19
27.07. Sun25 °CWA2,0 km11:405:47/km120 bpm3 m114 kcalWeiher1353.80Asics DS Trainer 19
27 °CWK21,1 km1:34:404:29/km151 bpm20 m1253 kcalWeiher Halbmarathon22154.04Asics DS Trainer 19
28 °CWA4,2 km24:455:57/km121 bpm4 m254 kcalWeiher2751.33Asics DS Trainer 19
28.07. Mon
29.07. Tue21 °CDL13,8 km1:10:495:09/km127 bpm6 m578 kcalErfelden9257.80Asics Cumulus 15
30.07. Wed22 °CDL14,0 km1:16:025:25/km120 bpm10 m718 kcalNeujahrsloch/Erfe...8258.33Mizuno Wave Precision 13 yellow
31.07. Thu25 °CDL12,2 km1:06:105:25/km119 bpm13 m615 kcalKühkopf6959.11Brooks Launch
01.08. Fri
02.08. Sat26 °CWK42,2 km3:19:544:44/km145 bpm59 m2390 kcalRostock Marathon40553.59Mizuno Wave Precision 13 yellow
03.08. Sun
04.08. Mon22 °CDL11,4 km1:00:255:17/km121 bpm18 m558 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden6759.49Asics Cumulus 15
05.08. Tue23 °CDL15,3 km1:20:545:17/km117 bpm18 m653 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...8062.10Mizuno Wave Rider 13a
06.08. Wed25 °CRL18,1 km1:42:315:40/km110 bpm25 m646 kcalMönchbruch/Mörfel...8361.16Asics Cumulus 15
07.08. Thu25 °CRL10,5 km1:00:425:49/km108 bpm22 m413 kcalKühkopf4660.69Hoka Stinson Tarmac
08.08. Fri27 °CTDL15,1 km1:12:324:48/km137 bpm17 m1064 kcalErfelden/Bensheim...12157.11Asics DS Trainer 19
09.08. Sat26 °CLL22,0 km1:49:284:58/km129 bpm16 m1126 kcalKühkopf14959.52Brooks Ghost 6
10.08. Sun21 °CRL11,0 km1:02:005:38/km109 bpm29 m439 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...4962.29Asics DS Trainer 17b
11.08. Mon
12.08. Tue23 °CDL7,7 km41:455:27/km118 bpm29 m372 kcalKühkopf4259.27Brooks Launch
13.08. Wed
14.08. Thu20 °CDL8,0 km42:075:15/km123 bpm11 m433 kcalKühkopf4959.08Brooks Launch
15.08. Fri
16.08. Sat19 °CWK100,0 km9:38:025:47/km132 bpm150 m4872 kcalLeipzig Auensee 1...85047.88Asics DS Trainer 17b
17.08. Sun20 °CRL10,4 km1:00:335:49/km116 bpm18 m491 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...5855.73Asics Cumulus 15
18.08. Mon
19.08. Tue18 °CTDL16,5 km1:20:494:53/km131 bpm10 m793 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden11659.45Asics Cumulus 15
20.08. Wed19 °CDL14,1 km1:10:034:59/km134 bpm14 m794 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden10856.53Hoka Stinson Tarmac
21.08. Thu18 °CDL16,3 km1:20:544:58/km130 bpm12 m899 kcalGoddelau/Wolfskeh...11358.76Mizuno Wave Ultima 2
22.08. Fri20 °CDL10,0 km51:475:10/km124 bpm31 m481 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden6259.46Asics Cumulus 15
23.08. Sat17 °CRL12,4 km1:07:195:25/km111 bpm23 m528 kcalNeujahrsloch/Erfe...5663.87Brooks Launch
24.08. Sun15 °CLL21,4 km1:47:375:02/km128 bpm22 m1124 kcalLeeheim/Radar/Kno...14359.05Hoka Stinson Tarmac
25.08. Mon
26.08. Tue17 °CDL13,7 km1:10:395:10/km132 bpm7 m831 kcalErfelden/Goddelau...10454.86Brooks Ghost 6
27.08. Wed19 °CTDL11,0 km48:114:24/km150 bpm7 m663 kcalStockstadt/Erfelden11055.76Saucony Mirage 3
28.08. Thu19 °CDL13,8 km1:10:055:05/km128 bpm27 m748 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...9358.26Asics DS Trainer 19
29.08. Fri17 °CRL10,1 km55:285:31/km116 bpm15 m511 kcalKühkopf5359.60Asics DS Trainer 17b
30.08. Sat
31.08. Sun17 °CWK42,2 km3:13:204:35/km150 bpm297 m2583 kcalKoberstädter Wald...46353.48Asics DS Trainer 19
01.09. Mon17 °CRL10,7 km1:01:195:44/km115 bpm7 m436 kcalErfelden/Modellfl...5757.05Brooks Launch
02.09. Tue19 °CDL13,4 km1:05:584:56/km128 bpm15 m545 kcalStockstadt/Kühkop...9360.55Saucony Mirage 3
03.09. Wed
04.09. Thu19 °CDL16,4 km1:21:054:58/km134 bpm12 m879 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden12856.72Mizuno Wave Rider 13a
05.09. Fri16 °CDL14,0 km1:13:205:14/km121 bpm9 m707 kcalStockstadt/Kühkop...8260.38Asics Cumulus 15
06.09. Sat25 °CWA2,3 km13:065:48/km116 bpm6 m129 kcalSemd1355.69Saucony Mirage 3
25 °CWK10,0 km41:204:08/km169 bpm140 m687 kcalSemd Maru Lauf15050.14Saucony Mirage 3
23 °CWA4,0 km22:175:33/km124 bpm8 m196 kcalSemd2854.23Saucony Mirage 3
07.09. Sun25 °CLL22,1 km2:02:015:31/km112 bpm20 m764 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden10662.02Hoka Stinson Tarmac
08.09. Mon
09.09. Tue20 °CTDL16,2 km1:18:184:51/km136 bpm10 m834 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden13857.21Mizuno Wave Precision 13 yellow
10.09. Wed16 °CIT11,5 km56:044:52/km140 bpm6 m649 kcalLeeheim/Erfelden9554.42Brooks Racer ST5
11.09. Thu
12.09. Fri
13.09. Sat
14.09. Sun17 °CWK42,2 km2:58:494:14/km164 bpm52 m2672 kcalMünster Marathon57450.89Mizuno Wave Precision 13 yellow
15.09. Mon20 °CRL11,1 km1:03:035:41/km113 bpm10 m440 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...5759.13Brooks Ghost 6
16.09. Tue
17.09. Wed20 °CIT16,0 km1:20:205:01/km137 bpm20 m777 kcalMönchbruch/Mörfel...14754.38Asics Cumulus 15
18.09. Thu21 °CRL13,2 km1:15:545:46/km115 bpm10 m583 kcalKnoblochsaue/Bens...7356.85Brooks Ghost 5
19.09. Fri
20.09. Sat
21.09. Sun17 °CWK42,2 km3:18:304:42/km149 bpm88 m2415 kcalKarlsruhe Marathon44151.98Mizuno Wave Precision 13 yellow
22.09. Mon
23.09. Tue
24.09. Wed15 °CDL11,2 km1:00:065:22/km123 bpm10 m520 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...7357.44Hoka Stinson Tarmac
25.09. Thu
26.09. Fri19 °CDL12,0 km1:00:065:00/km135 bpm16 m692 kcalKühkopf9855.68Asics Cumulus 15
27.09. Sat21 °CDL16,2 km1:20:204:57/km133 bpm15 m894 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden12657.38Brooks Launch
28.09. Sun22 °CLL26,2 km2:08:244:54/km133 bpm20 m1305 kcalKühkopf/Königsins...19957.91Asics DS Trainer 19
29.09. Mon21 °CRL11,8 km1:06:015:37/km112 bpm9 m491 kcalNeujahrsloch/Erfe...5860.47Asics Cumulus 15
30.09. Tue
01.10. Wed19 °CIT12,2 km1:00:414:58/km136 bpm10 m655 kcalKühkopf11055.59Mizuno Wave Precision 13 yellow
02.10. Thu
03.10. Fri18 °CRL10,4 km1:00:015:47/km114 bpm10 m426 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden5557.42Hoka Stinson Tarmac
04.10. Sat
05.10. Sun19 °CWK42,2 km3:03:244:21/km159 bpm50 m2635 kcalBregenz 3 Länder ...52151.78Mizuno Wave Precision 13 yellow
06.10. Mon
07.10. Tue17 °CDL11,3 km1:00:265:22/km122 bpm10 m556 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden7058.07Hoka Stinson Tarmac
08.10. Wed
09.10. Thu
10.10. Fri18 °CDL11,2 km59:595:22/km124 bpm7 m602 kcalGoddelau/Stocksta...7656.73Asics DS Trainer 19
11.10. Sat
12.10. Sun16 °CWK42,2 km3:11:024:32/km150 bpm289 m2461 kcalMetz Marathon44554.09Mizuno Wave Precision 13 yellow
13.10. Mon17 °CDL13,1 km1:05:515:03/km126 bpm10 m642 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden8660.18Hoka Stinson Tarmac
14.10. Tue
15.10. Wed16 °CIT13,3 km1:05:054:55/km138 bpm10 m663 kcalStockstadt/Erfelden11954.89Brooks Racer ST5
16.10. Thu
17.10. Fri
18.10. Sat
19.10. Sun21 °CWK42,2 km3:06:124:25/km154 bpm40 m2572 kcalDresden Marathon47153.52Mizuno Wave Precision 13 yellow
20.10. Mon16 °CRL13,5 km1:16:185:38/km113 bpm13 m550 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden6959.76Asics Cumulus 15
21.10. Tue
22.10. Wed8 °CIT13,2 km1:03:134:48/km138 bpm10 m648 kcalLeeheim/Erfelden11456.50Saucony Mirage 3
23.10. Thu
24.10. Fri9 °CRL14,7 km1:20:375:30/km118 bpm10 m656 kcalLeeheim/Wolfskehl...8458.43Asics Cumulus 15
25.10. Sat
26.10. Sun13 °CWK42,2 km2:58:244:14/km163 bpm50 m2684 kcalFrankfurt Marathon55351.57Mizuno Wave Precision 13 yellow
27.10. Mon12 °CRL16,2 km1:27:165:23/km116 bpm10 m520 kcalKühkopf8661.40Hoka Stinson Tarmac
28.10. Tue8 °CDL12,1 km1:00:014:57/km127 bpm10 m413 kcalErfelden/Leeheim8160.81Mizuno Wave Sayonara
29.10. Wed9 °CIT12,2 km1:00:465:00/km132 bpm10 m615 kcalErfelden/Stockstadt9857.16Asics DS Trainer 19
30.10. Thu
31.10. Fri
01.11. Sat8 °CRL11,1 km1:02:095:37/km112 bpm10 m527 kcalKühkopf5560.65Asics DS Trainer 19
02.11. Sun15 °CWK50,0 km3:47:464:33/km149 bpm80 m3053 kcalBottrop Ultra 50km52354.14Mizuno Wave Precision 13 yellow
03.11. Mon14 °CDL11,4 km1:00:115:18/km123 bpm10 m507 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden7058.41Mizuno Wave Sayonara
04.11. Tue
05.11. Wed9 °CTDL13,0 km1:01:574:45/km144 bpm5 m607 kcalStockstadt/Erfelden13753.81Saucony Mirage 3
06.11. Thu
07.11. Fri8 °CRL17,3 km1:35:575:33/km118 bpm10 m720 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...9957.90Asics Cumulus 15
08.11. Sat
09.11. Sun9 °CWK42,2 km3:17:254:41/km145 bpm570 m2343 kcalEinruhr / Rursee41355.35Asics DS Trainer 19
10.11. Mon10 °CDL12,3 km1:04:395:15/km117 bpm10 m530 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden6662.72Hoka Stinson Tarmac
11.11. Tue
12.11. Wed8 °CDL12,2 km1:03:545:13/km120 bpm5 m562 kcalErfelden7160.98Brooks Launch
13.11. Thu11 °CTDL13,3 km1:00:384:35/km144 bpm5 m681 kcalLeeheim/Erfelden12756.43Mizuno Wave Sayonara
14.11. Fri11 °CBH18,1 km1:46:585:54/km124 bpm400 m856 kcalAuerbach/Elmshaus...13952.18Asics Cumulus 15
15.11. Sat12 °CDL12,3 km1:02:155:03/km124 bpm4 m541 kcalStockstadt/Erfelden7661.06Mizuno Wave Precision 13w
16.11. Sun10 °CLL31,2 km2:45:285:18/km117 bpm10 m1260 kcalGoddelau/Wolfskeh...16961.77Hoka Stinson Tarmac
17.11. Mon
18.11. Tue9 °CDL13,3 km1:05:194:56/km125 bpm10 m664 kcalStockstadt/Kühkop...8362.46Mizuno Wave Precision 13w
19.11. Wed9 °CIT14,0 km1:07:004:47/km135 bpm7 m752 kcalLeeheim/Erfelden11458.52Brooks Racer ST5
20.11. Thu
21.11. Fri7 °CBH19,0 km1:52:235:54/km127 bpm500 m902 kcalAlsbach/Melibokus...15150.94Saucony Mirage 3
22.11. Sat5 °CRL13,1 km1:11:465:29/km128 bpm10 m575 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden9453.16Brooks Ghost 6
23.11. Sun7 °CLL25,2 km2:04:394:57/km124 bpm10 m1048 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...15662.79Mizuno Wave Precision 13w
24.11. Mon7 °CRL13,3 km1:15:345:40/km108 bpm8 m486 kcalErfelden/Neujahrs...4662.15Asics DS Trainer 17b
25.11. Tue
26.11. Wed6 °CIT12,6 km1:02:164:57/km132 bpm6 m569 kcalLeeheim/Erfelden9757.86Mizuno Wave Precision 13 yellow
27.11. Thu
28.11. Fri5 °CRL11,0 km1:02:495:41/km115 bpm5 m491 kcalErfelden5857.67Asics DS Trainer 19
29.11. Sat
30.11. Sun15 °CWK42,2 km2:57:014:12/km156 bpm46 m2559 kcalFlorenz46955.73Mizuno Wave Precision 13 yellow
01.12. Mon4 °CRL11,3 km1:02:415:34/km107 bpm10 m390 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...4664.39Asics Cumulus 15
02.12. Tue
03.12. Wed1 °CTDL13,3 km1:00:574:35/km139 bpm10 m633 kcalLeeheim/Erfelden11259.28Mizuno Wave Sayonara
04.12. Thu3 °CDL16,1 km1:20:285:00/km121 bpm10 m719 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden9064.12Brooks Launch
05.12. Fri4 °CBH17,1 km1:29:135:12/km133 bpm400 m814 kcalAlsbach/Melibokus...7656.01Asics DS Trainer 19
06.12. Sat4 °CTDL14,1 km1:05:264:38/km138 bpm10 m613 kcalKühkopf11759.26Mizuno Wave Precision 13w
07.12. Sun2 °CLL25,6 km2:16:025:19/km113 bpm10 m993 kcalGoddelau/Wolfskeh...11464.08Hoka Stinson Tarmac
08.12. Mon
09.12. Tue1 °CDL14,9 km1:16:055:06/km123 bpm15 m621 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...8760.89Brooks Ghost 6
10.12. Wed2 °CIT13,3 km1:01:544:39/km134 bpm10 m676 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden10461.42Saucony Mirage 3
11.12. Thu
12.12. Fri9 °CBH11,1 km1:01:235:33/km119 bpm170 m510 kcalAuerbacher Schlos...6859.01Asics DS Trainer 19
13.12. Sat
14.12. Sun2 °CWK42,2 km3:13:074:35/km144 bpm796 m2096 kcalAegidienberg/Sieb...38957.55Asics Cumulus 15
15.12. Mon6 °CRL16,6 km1:31:095:29/km106 bpm10 m502 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...6666.11Mizuno Wave Precision 13w
16.12. Tue
17.12. Wed6 °CTDL13,4 km1:01:454:36/km143 bpm6 m496 kcalLeeheim/Erfelden12156.53Mizuno Wave Sayonara
18.12. Thu13 °CRL11,3 km1:02:275:33/km110 bpm10 m398 kcalGoddelau/Stocksta...5062.52Hoka Stinson Tarmac
19.12. Fri12 °CDL12,3 km1:01:074:59/km124 bpm8 m430 kcalModellflugplaz/Be...27562.11Asics DS Trainer 19
20.12. Sat8 °CLL25,1 km2:04:024:57/km126 bpm79 m1001 kcalKühkopf17061.55Brooks Ghost 6
21.12. Sun4 °CDL13,8 km1:11:405:12/km120 bpm10 m621 kcalGoddelau/Stocksta...8161.57Brooks Launch
22.12. Mon
23.12. Tue
24.12. Wed4 °CWK42,2 km3:10:564:31/km143 bpm900 m2226 kcalHoppstädten-Weier...38559.24Asics Cumulus 15
25.12. Thu7 °CRL10,7 km58:315:28/km108 bpm10 m368 kcalKühkopf4565.37Hoka Stinson Tarmac
26.12. Fri
27.12. Sat
28.12. Sun
29.12. Mon1 °CDL13,1 km1:05:274:59/km120 bpm25 m530 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...7464.73Brooks Ghost 6
30.12. Tue1 °CDL12,2 km1:05:515:24/km114 bpm10 m390 kcalGriesheim Silvest...3762.31Asics Cumulus 15
31.12. Wed2 °CDL13,3 km1:05:164:54/km127 bpm10 m614 kcalStockstadt/Erfelden8761.44Mizuno Wave Sayonara
250x Laufen15 °C4.507,8 km16d 03:36:445:10/km130 bpm12.770 m231649 kcal3552755.77
16x Gymnastik15:30:009140 kcal558

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