Total distance: 39,979.57 km Number of activities: 2512x
Total duration: 151d 06:34:08 First activity: 15.04.2007
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Temp.TypeDistanceDurationPaceavg. HRElev.EnergyRouteTRIMPVO2maxVO2maxEquipmentTE
01.01. Fri1 °CDL15,4 km1:12:204:43/km142 bpm15 m1107 kcalKühkopf14155.79
02.01. Sat-1 °CLL30,2 km2:35:335:10/km128 bpm15 m2157 kcalStockstadt/Spitta...21257.20Mizuno Wave Rider 10
03.01. Sun0 °CRL13,4 km1:14:275:34/km119 bpm13 m977 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden7857.01Mizuno Wave Inspire 3 orange
04.01. Mon
05.01. Tue-8 °CDL14,9 km1:11:154:47/km144 bpm10 m1094 kcalStockstadt/Spitta...14353.42Mizuno Wave Rider 13a
06.01. Wed-5 °CIT15,1 km1:10:414:41/km149 bpm7 m1105 kcalStockstadt/Goddel...16752.16Mizuno Wave Rider 11 Lady
07.01. Thu-4 °CDL14,1 km1:10:335:01/km138 bpm10 m1023 kcalStockstadt/Kühkop...12553.67Mizuno Wave Nirvana 3
08.01. Fri-3 °CBH19,3 km1:48:365:37/km138 bpm573 m1418 kcalAlsbach/Melibokus...19648.28Mizuno Wave Rider 11 yellow
09.01. Sat-2 °CRL12,4 km1:09:175:35/km125 bpm21 m893 kcalMainz-Tierheim/Wi...8753.45Asics GT2120W
10.01. Sun-2 °CLL27,1 km2:22:355:16/km135 bpm15 m1973 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...23152.21Saucony Guide 2W
11.01. Mon
12.01. Tue-2 °CIT20,6 km1:35:414:38/km151 bpm15 m1512 kcalStockstadt/Spitta...23451.74Mizuno Wave Rider 11 Lady
13.01. Wed
14.01. Thu0 °CDL15,7 km1:16:034:50/km144 bpm10 m1155 kcalStockstadt/Goddel...15552.73Mizuno Wave Rider 11 Lady
15.01. Fri0 °CBH19,7 km1:58:406:01/km131 bpm604 m1446 kcalAlsbach/Melibokus...18247.68Mizuno Wave Rider 11 yellow
16.01. Sat0 °CRL11,0 km1:02:095:39/km127 bpm10 m810 kcalKühkopf8151.88Mizuno Wave Nirvana 3
17.01. Sun4 °CLL36,3 km3:11:125:16/km135 bpm58 m2633 kcalMainz-Tierheim/Gi...30752.07Mizuno Wave Rider 10
18.01. Mon
19.01. Tue
20.01. Wed4 °CTDL19,3 km1:28:544:36/km157 bpm13 m1418 kcalLeeheim/Dornheim/...25949.21Mizuno Wave Rider 13a
21.01. Thu
22.01. Fri3 °CBH21,4 km2:09:376:03/km132 bpm680 m1559 kcalAlsbach/Jugenheim...21246.87Saucony Guide 2W
23.01. Sat0 °CDL12,2 km1:01:165:02/km141 bpm10 m887 kcalKühkopf/Stockstadt11451.81Mizuno Wave Inspire 3 orange
24.01. Sun1 °CLL25,1 km2:01:504:51/km141 bpm15 m1841 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...22654.29Mizuno Wave Nirvana 3
25.01. Mon
26.01. Tue-5 °CIT11,0 km51:514:42/km141 bpm10 m802 kcalStockstadt/Erfelden10056.38Saucony Guide 2W
27.01. Wed-5 °CRL11,2 km1:01:435:30/km118 bpm14 m810 kcalStockstadt/Spitta...6458.40Mizuno Wave Rider 10
28.01. Thu2 °CRL10,5 km58:455:37/km119 bpm9 m758 kcalStockstadt/Erfelden6356.39Saucony Guide 2W
29.01. Fri
30.01. Sat-1 °CWK50,0 km3:50:034:36/km153 bpm250 m3206 kcalRodgau Dudenhofen57051.18Saucony Guide 2W
31.01. Sun0 °CDL12,2 km1:04:175:16/km132 bpm10 m891 kcalKühkopf/Erfelden9653.70Mizuno Wave Inspire 3 orange
23x Laufen-1 °C438,1 km1d 13:27:185:08/km138 bpm2.387 m31475 kcal404352.48

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