Total distance: 39,979.57 km Number of activities: 2512x
Total duration: 151d 06:34:08 First activity: 15.04.2007
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Temp.TypeDistanceDurationPaceavg. HRElev.EnergyRouteTRIMPVO2maxVO2maxEquipmentTE
01.12. Tue8 °CIT14,1 km1:05:154:38/km151 bpm14 m1013 kcalKnoblochsaue/Erfe...16851.77Saucony Tangent 3
02.12. Wed8 °CBH9,5 km1:05:156:54/km111 bpm244 m651 kcalJugenheim/Stettbach5649.87Mizuno Wave Rider 11 orange
03.12. Thu11 °CDL8,2 km40:044:55/km140 bpm4 m588 kcalKnoblochsaue/Erfe...7653.85Asics GT2120W
04.12. Fri5 °CBH20,2 km1:54:475:40/km135 bpm525 m1474 kcalAlsbach/Melibokus...19449.26Mizuno Wave Rider 11 yellow
05.12. Sat10 °CRL10,6 km1:00:045:41/km125 bpm10 m768 kcalKühkopf7652.81Mizuno Wave Rider 13a
06.12. Sun10 °CLL26,2 km2:14:565:09/km138 bpm20 m1909 kcalKühkopf23652.15Mizuno Wave Rider 10
07.12. Mon
08.12. Tue7 °CDL13,8 km1:10:245:06/km140 bpm12 m1001 kcalStockstadt/Erfelden13151.48Asics GT2120W
09.12. Wed7 °CIT10,8 km53:024:56/km143 bpm13 m771 kcalLeeheim/Golfplatz...10952.06Mizuno Wave Rider 10
10.12. Thu10 °CRL8,1 km45:465:39/km121 bpm51 m583 kcalKühkopf/Stockstad...5255.18Saucony Guide 2W
11.12. Fri
12.12. Sat4 °CRL6,4 km34:255:24/km130 bpm10 m460 kcalKühkopf5053.40Mizuno Wave Rider 10
13.12. Sun3 °CWK42,2 km3:12:204:33/km157 bpm714 m3008 kcalAegidienberg/Sieb...51650.79Mizuno Wave Rider 10
14.12. Mon
15.12. Tue0 °CDL14,3 km1:10:154:56/km139 bpm15 m1040 kcalStockstadt/Kühkop...12754.43Mizuno Wave Rider 13a
16.12. Wed-2 °CDL17,1 km1:31:275:22/km127 bpm12 m1228 kcalKnoblochsaue/Rada...12055.05Mizuno Wave Inspire 3 orange
17.12. Thu-4 °CRL11,1 km1:02:045:36/km122 bpm10 m799 kcalStockstadt/Kühkop...7155.24Mizuno Wave Rider 13a
18.12. Fri-3 °CDL18,4 km1:35:045:10/km136 bpm15 m1340 kcalKühkopf15652.93Saucony Guide 2W
19.12. Sat
20.12. Sun-5 °CLL25,3 km2:02:014:49/km150 bpm20 m1851 kcalKühkopf28350.04Mizuno Wave Rider 10
21.12. Mon
22.12. Tue
23.12. Wed0 °CDL15,4 km1:15:454:54/km148 bpm8 m1121 kcalStockstadt/Goddel...17049.74Mizuno Wave Nirvana 3
24.12. Thu3 °CIT13,4 km1:03:144:43/km150 bpm15 m965 kcalKühkopf/Stockstadt15351.60Saucony Tangent 3
25.12. Fri7 °CBH18,1 km1:42:075:39/km141 bpm480 m1321 kcalAlsbach/Melibokus...20146.60Mizuno Wave Rider 11 yellow
26.12. Sat2 °CDL8,4 km43:195:11/km142 bpm120 m613 kcalWiesbaden8451.38Mizuno Wave Rider 11 yellow
4 °CDL10,4 km51:524:59/km139 bpm10 m759 kcalKühkopf9353.87Saucony Guide 2W
27.12. Sun3 °CLL25,3 km2:07:335:03/km134 bpm50 m1839 kcalGriesheim Silvest...20255.46Mizuno Wave Rider 13a
28.12. Mon4 °CRL11,3 km1:01:435:28/km122 bpm15 m805 kcalGriesheim Silvest...7256.69Mizuno Wave Rider 13a
29.12. Tue
30.12. Wed10 °CRL7,7 km40:325:18/km132 bpm10 m544 kcalStockstadt/Goddel...6353.88Mizuno Wave Inspire 3 orange
31.12. Thu8 °CWK10,0 km39:273:57/km167 bpm15 m646 kcalGriesheim13553.77Saucony Tangent 3
25x Laufen5 °C376,0 km1d 08:02:415:07/km139 bpm2.412 m27097 kcal359452.16

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